Cheap bohemian scarf sarong stole USD.45 to .95 each Please order from Product code: light-shawl-sarong-35 bohemian clothing bathsuit …
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Wrap a Pashmina around bare shoulders for a touch of late-evening warmth, or drape one around your neck for casual panache. These Pashmina shawls from Dessy Group, are light and airy, made…
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14 Responses to “Cheap bohemian scarf sarong stole”

  1. Brighton DeChienne says:

    If you don’t know how to assimilate a pashmina scarf with formal wear,
    purchase a shovel so that someone can strike you with it.

  2. Maria lima says:


  3. antonio macedo says:

    buen video !!

  4. Smaranika Gravitt says:

    Haha a pashmina from dessy.. I was sure it was gonna be “desi”

  5. Sillidex says:


  6. LadyBludgeon says:

    @lapajapa I know… I’m curious about that look too. It’s perfect for what
    I want to do with my scarf. O_O

  7. WSNglobal says:

    Jesus Christ is God, this is the truth. In HIM was life, and that life was
    the light of all people. Get saved, ask JESUS CHRIST to save you !

  8. lapajapa says:

    how did u styled ur pashmina scarf at 2:00 i think u forget to tell tht in
    the vedio!! tnx

  9. Sarah Sanchez says:

    U r pretty

  10. mmaannjjaa says:

    love it. thanks :)

  11. gungga lavan says:


  12. ana ramos sanchez says:
  13. lafleurdu972 says:
  14. ELWest1000 says:

    Thanks! Someone gave me a pashmina and I wasn’t sure how to wear it. :)