DWDShoes Wrap Dress Tutorial- Beach, Vacation, and Pool Parties!

DWDShoes Wrap Dress Tutorial- Beach, Vacation, and Pool Parties!

Check out our fashion highlight Item of the Week. Hot Summer Wrap Dresses. Perfect for summer days by the pool and on the beach. With a few knots and ties th…

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25 Responses to “DWDShoes Wrap Dress Tutorial- Beach, Vacation, and Pool Parties!”

  1. Christian Sanjaya says:

    What’s her name?

  2. Hardstylechick4000 says:

    That”s in inches right?

  3. ShirtsN'Rivets says:

    it’s pretty awesome actually… it’s usefull on the hot vacation ;)

  4. Discount Womens Dress Shoes says:

    Our available scarves/sarongs are available here:

  5. Lucia Páez says:

    Buenisimo!!! tengo unas telas para implementarlo!!! me encanto!!

  6. Josephine garcia says:

    I need to buy a bangle and some long scarves and wrap things after watching
    this vid.

  7. Soulfire Airweaver says:

    i will keep this in mind for bellydancing thankyou!!!!

  8. so nia says:

    lol !!!! great !!! thanks !!

  9. Yadimom82 says:

    Miss being that size :(

  10. jason83ok says:

    anybody knows her name?

  11. Nguyễn Hiếu Nghị says:


  12. 徐小函 says:


  13. Patricia Dantas says:


  14. Beth Brittain says:

    I ordered some of these scarves and I’m having a hard time getting these
    dresses to work, the lengths of where you tie is never long enough (for
    example the first two dresses and the one shoulder dress) and I am really
    skinny w/no cleavage at all. I usually wear a small or X-small.There’s no
    reason that they shouldn’t be fitting correctly. I’m going to try and find
    a longer scarf on another website.. 

  15. Hale Gold says:

    very useful

  16. Alsu Safak says:

    thank you

  17. Lips&Lashes says:

    I just purchased their wrap dress, tried out the different ideas shown on
    here. I am a size 8 medium with curves. Following the first style, (I even
    had my bathing suit on) the wrap is not long enough to tie around behind my
    back. The model must be a size 0. (There is another comment down below from
    a girl who is a size X- small & she said it doesn’t work for her either.)
    You can wrap it around with a simple knot/tie in the front, then it works.
    But don’t buy it thinking like I did, that I could do all the styles they
    should in this video. Because you will be disappointed.
    I actually own another wrap from an outlet store that is much longer than
    DWD wrap and it works just fine. I was drawn to the DWD wrap designs &
    colors and the price is right. But its not for average size women for

  18. Sailor Barsoom says:

    OK, using the bracelet like that is genius. And, she’s about as cute as it
    gets! Pretty face, great figure, nice hair, and that thousand-watt smile.

  19. Grace-Ann Miller says:

    Great Ideas, love it to the max.

  20. Noni Barros says:


  21. Getbestlifenow Annie says:

    Multi wear to wrap the dress……..

  22. Josefina Masqueso says:

    That’s beuatiful style now i know how to make it pretty by my self body
    pigure…love it thank you

  23. Manualidades Crafts says:

    Great idea:)

  24. Niraj Shah says:

    To All female friends .. make your self sexy in 2 mints ..

  25. Rosana Q says:

    Wrap dress tutorial ;) Im lovin it