Fashion Friday: HOW TO WEAR A SCARF

I love scarves! In this video I discuss how to create contrast, texture and wear different types of scarves. I hope you find my tips useful and give them a t…
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Presented By: Della Kaur Women’s Accessories Cambridge UK was established by Della Gould out of passion and expression to blend that …

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26 Responses to “Fashion Friday: HOW TO WEAR A SCARF”

  1. Michelle Arthur says:
  2. smt2662 says:

    Great hints, but you need to practice your public speaking skills…
    should show the scarves, and speak less…..too long winded!

  3. animelover5y7 says:

    i know all of these trickssssss

  4. jace007 says:

    Good sh**t J17! Helpful hints…

  5. Kimberly Tsan says:

    Niiiice <3 I’m a scarf-idiot lol thanks a lot!! =D

  6. Monika Kielbowicz says:

    I love your hair!!!

  7. margirl1980 says:

    I love scarfs

  8. Msgummy Bear says:

    oh dear. mmmm mm mmm forever21 mmm mm forever21 mmm fringes mmm textures
    mmm. be quiet.

  9. Pragya Shekhawat says:

    I love scarves and they are my favorite accessory! :)

  10. Katherine Everett says:

    all the ‘ummm’ ‘s were distracting.

  11. minielephant123 says:

    i was looking for this like, 4 months ago and didn’t find it. thx 4 putting
    it up. :D

  12. Lejla1011 says:

    nothing new…

  13. liftmeup97 says:

    thank you so much!! i got a square scarf, and forgot how to wear it xD but
    now i have new ways to wear all of my scarves!! xoxo

  14. Brianne Packer says:

    Love it!!!

  15. Rachel Bruce says:

    I’m very impressed with JulieG’s ideas and “to the point” presentation!

  16. Anon2076 says:


  17. cutey43205 says:

    you should do sunglases

  18. Agn├Ęs Manson says:

    Hi Julie. I looove your video. My best friend is kind of obssesed with
    scarves also. Have you ever heard of the brand Comtesse Sofia? They sell
    Russian Vintage scarves. It is said that it’s the new IT-brand in France. I
    gotta admit, their scarves are gorgeous especially the red one . But since
    I don’t know them at all, I would appreciate some advice.Thx

  19. veraavid says:

    I work at F21, represent :p

  20. forever7990 says:


  21. prateekshakamath5 says:

    i liked this video and i wanna know more on them thanks

  22. lexus387 says:


  23. erica0shmerica says:

    @mysterjaythang Table runner fits it just fine…

  24. yvetteanguiano says:

    no body cares how much your scarfs are or where you got them if we are
    watching the video its because we already have scarfs lol pleeeeeaasee talk
    less sweetie.. and yes when you get to the point videos are very helpful

  25. wolfiehollyhocks says:

    this is great I see beautful scarves and never know how to wear them.
    Awsome vid!

  26. Flor Peralta says:

    Pretty helpful..just try to avoid using vocal fillers “ammmm” “emmm” other
    than that…everything is cool! :)