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Surviving the Battle of Okinawa: Memories of a Schoolgirl
… hajichi (tattoos). We grandchildren were fascinated by them. Girls received tattoos when they reached seven or eight years of age. Tattooing was a kind of fashion or status symbol among Okinawan women who competed for the most attractively tattooed …
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Women redefine workwear with vibrant colours and sensuous silhouettes
Meet the smart, super professional, and quite cool women of today who effortlessly bring the brilliance of fashion to the boardroom. Kicking the dull and mundane out of their … Workwear staples: Blue jeans, chiffon sarees, scarves and kohl. Go to …
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How to wear Radiant Orchid (and caring for your clothes to keep them looking
Radiant Orchid isn't really a pastel but since it sits in the pink-purple range, many women assume it will go well with colours such as baby blue, pale lemon or blush. In fact these tones will just create a murky mix, so don't do it. 2. Wear … Start …
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