Scarves, Scarves, Scarves : Fashion Tips for Long Scarves

Longer scarves may go ’round and ’round, but they can still be fashionable. Fix up your style with long scarves with tips and tricks from a professional fash…

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27 Responses to “Scarves, Scarves, Scarves : Fashion Tips for Long Scarves”

  1. helennn says:

    Hijab is not a fashion statement

  2. Safa beautiful says:

    beautiful hijab atika

  3. Charlie Fa says:

    ironically, you subscribed to a lot of makeup channels. do you practice
    what you preach?

  4. asmabibi1998 says:

    mashallah your so pretty beautiful xx

  5. shiza kashif says:

    i really really liked the way you wear the hijab it looks soooo pretty on
    you… and btw u ro soooo beautiful!!!!!!! and this really helps!

  6. Nahiro Mohamed says:

    simple and easy mashaallah your beautiful

  7. SillyAccount4Nothing says:

    ther is also a new type of nail polish thts been developed tht lets vater
    vapour thru, so wuddhu would not be void :)

  8. susu pink says:

    she didnt bring any thing new :

  9. Nisfa Begum says:

    Nail polish isnt haram btw it cud be that time of month like where ppl
    mentioned underneath or that she does wudhu then apples nail polish FYI it
    isn’t ur business to point out horrible negative things out especially if
    ur a Muslim like me

  10. Ambs F says:

    omg you’re beautiful Mashallah! :D

  11. Dody mahmad says:

    حلوة اوى وسهله

  12. Taty Nurhayati says:

    Easy and very simple thank u Atika ur pretty

  13. khush habib says:

    What do you mean?!?! It’s proper! Any part of her hair is not to be seen!
    It’s proper hijab!

  14. soukaina ismaili says:

    i like this nice

  15. matt laalou says:

    beautiful hijab atika ^^

  16. Charla Greene says:

    Thank you for tutorial on how to wrap hijab since I’m a revert to Islam
    this really helps.

  17. Asma Masri says:

    i cant do i :(

  18. Safari S says:

    atika,what is the need of so much heavy make-up, you are looking like a

  19. znb tulipa says:

    u should remove that ring from the chahada finger its haram

  20. Justopinion says:

    La hawla wa la kouwa illa billah…. This is very sad and painful to the

  21. Samira Osman says:

    Salam Guys! There is a new muslim hijab and fashion instagram account for
    everyone, wanna check it out?!@muslim_chick

  22. nadia says:

    you need to blend your nose contouring a little bit cause it doesnt look

  23. samantha z. z. says:

    loved it a lot, thank you

  24. chom-chom jojo says:

    Where did u buy this hijab from? 

  25. ToWalkByFaith says:

    Love this video! I have two long scarves and I was never sure how to tie
    them. Thanks to your video, I now have three fashionable and cute ways to
    tie them, and I will be looking for opportunities to wear them!

  26. Robert Ferrari says:

    OMG looks so comfy and super elegant, absolutely gorgeous. Wendy You are
    the best ~ !!!! I love your wonderful taste for scarves and outfits,plus
    you re so pretty like a Beautyqueen !